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Hybris* is a series of works built around an artistic reflection on climate change.

Inspired by the Grolar Paradox – Grolar: offspring of the Grizzly (Ursus arctos) and Polar (Ursus maritimus)–, represent the hybrid species that are a product of our era, the Anthropocene.

The word Hybrid, (of two different species), comes from the Latin hybrida, (bastard, of mixed blood), is influenced by the Greek word Hybris: ‘disproportion’.

Hybris is madness, blindness, lack of knowledge, for the Greeks it was a punishment from the gods, and it is also a metaphor to understand our effect on the planet. Although changes and hybridization always existed, the mutations and metamorphoses in nature caused by human impact will configure new ways of living, consuming and relating to our environment.

Fusing data, facts and fiction, Hybris present glimpses of a history of the end of the world as we know it and plants de idea of a possible future where life will prevail in a different form.

The project is based on scientific research of temperature shifts over the last decades and on DNA sequencing of hybrid creatures. All the information gathered is used to create images, data visualization and live video, articulated by a staged performance in a dome structure involving music, voice, performance and projections on multiple screens.